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Burnout/Starting line procedure

Burnout/Starting line Procedure

For the Rookie Drag Racer:

Author: Zippy

-Helmet on/fasten seat belt
-start engine/check gages
-Drive around the water, back into the water box then roll forward slightly out of water
-lock the front brakes (foot or line lock)
- do not start your burnout until directed to do so by track personell
-Burnout with manual valve body: Start in second gear, hit the gas *HARD* to keep the car straight. Shift into high gear as soon as possible, hold rpms around 5 grand in the water box for at least 5 seconds (or until the engine slows down from the tires beginning to grip)
-Pull out of the water box under power, either at the same throttle position or at WOT (your choice--it's worth exp[erimenting with).Pull out only a couple feet.
-Let off the gas and hit the brakes *hard* asap to avoid going over the starting line
-Put trans in neutral
-Check gauges/Clear out the motor if you want
-Put trans in low gear
-if you want to do a dry hop, do it now (I don't)
-making sure the car is pointed dead straight, ease up to the starting line slowly until the pre-stage bulb comes on.

-Move forward very slowly until the Stage light comes on
-Stop. You are now "shallow staged".
-If you want to leave on the converter, get your rpms up right now and keep them there. (My car likes to leave off idle, so I don't do this).
-From this point until the beginning of the run, *do not take your eyes off the tree*
-Leave on the last yellow

If followed closely, this procedure greatly reduces the chance of making a fool of oneself the first time at the track!


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