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wheel screws for slicks location diametral

i have one hole drilled so far and it seems like it will barely catch the bead of the tire. they wheels are new prostars. the head of the screw is less that 1/32" from the outer edge of the rim, and on the inside of the rim the screw is only approx 5/16" from where the edge of the bead will be. is this ok? it seems like that 5/16 from the inside of the bead is not a whole lot of tire to be threading in to. if anyone has digital pics of the inside of a weld wheel with screws in it would be a help?

Drill the holes at an angle toward the center of the bead.

rimscrews1.jpg - 51528 Bytes

rimscrews2.jpg - 42681 Bytes

MOROSO kit and it said use a 13/64" drill bit. Use Grade 8 screws. I used 8 screws on each side of the rim. If your rims have rivets, like Centerline Auto Drags, you can count the total number and divide by the number of screws you are going to use. Then you can get an approximate spacing of the screws. You can also do some geometry to get a more exact straight distance between screws. I drilled mine with the tires OFF the rims. Used pencil marks to locate the screw locations, and after I was happy with the spacing, I used a center punch, then drilled. I test fitted all the screws in the rim, removed them, then deburred any sharp edges, before installing the tire. I hated to drill on a new pair of Centerlines!

screws should be grade 8,#14 sheet metal screws.

And don't worry about spacing them out perfectly. Get them as close as possible with the yardstick method as mentioned and then take them to be balanced. I used 8 screws on the inside and 8 on the outside. I'll bet 4 and 4 would do it and save you a little weight from the rotating mass. Slicks with tubes are very heavy...


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