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Race trailer purchase / setup advise??

Just like the equipment used to build your car. The way you get your car back and forth to the track is just as an important piece of equipment that will make your racing events either a pleasure or a chore. In this thread I will try to add questions, comments and suggestions on both open and enclosed type trailers.

I need some advise from you guys who already have one. I am looking at a 28 foot to 32 foot enclosed Interstate car hauler.

I need some help on how to set it up, what options to pay for and which ones to build in myself, ect. What items do you guys like or dislike about your enclosed car hauler? What do you find you need that you dont have?

I plan on putting in a full small shop in the front with compression, tool box, generator, ect and even a TV, small fridge and more. I will hauling this with a New Lance camper I bought last fall. So I have those items already.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. interior pics and really appreciated as well. Did anyone do anything cool with their interior, cabinet set ups, race fuel, ect.

I need all the help I can get as I am a rookie again.



Loc: Bridgeport, WV

Get a left side door to get in & out of the car--spare tire well in the floor in front of the car--awning--electrical outlets inside and outside--roof vents and skid runners at the rear of the trailer


moparguy Loc: Kansas

One thing our school's enclosed trailer has is a recessed area in the middle of the floor by the front, with a winch hidden under a panel. Works great for pulling cars up into the trailer.


WayneM Posts: 37

Ditto the above- make the curb door 36-48" so you can load a pitbike, ATV or engine with the car loaded.


JERICOGTX Loc: Buffalo, MN

Forget the side door and install a winch. As always bigger is better. I don't really like the recessed spare tire well either. If you have a golf cart or scooter, they would need to be taken out before getting to the spare. Not much fun on the side of the freeway.


barracudabob Posts: 16

I bought an ATV2000 Superwinch winch for my trailer. I came with a 50 foot cable and pulls the car in no problem. It is quite small and fits on a shelf at the front of the trailer. It was quite reasonabe in price, I know summit sells them fpr $200.


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