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Ladder Bar Bracket Setup

We use all thread to set the distance between the plates and to keep the brackets strait and square. Now that the brackets are in place the top piece of all thread can be removed and a housing can be bolted in place to help keep the housing strait when the back brace is welded on. After the rear brace is welded in place the housing will be ready to cut the ends off and shorten it to the wanted length.

ladbar1.JPG - 28096 Bytes

ladbar2.JPG - 24130 Bytes

ladbar3.JPG - 22772 Bytes

ladbar4.jpg - 21034 Bytes

ladbar5.jpg - 10523 Bytes

Using the centering plate to find the tube lengths.

bar1.jpg - 21560 Bytes

bar2.jpg - 39244 Bytes

bar3.jpg - 25298 Bytes

bar4.jpg - 14121 Bytes

bar5.jpg - 12812 Bytes

bar6.jpg - 13348 Bytes

Setting up the ladder bar brackets.
A few levels and some jack stands we get thing set up the way we want it.
After checking a few measurements and taking some readings on the angles it ready to weld.

The front crossover support is mounted into the frame connectors by drilling a hole the size of the front support and allowing the front bar to be inserted into the frame connectors. Then the brackets are centered to the chassis and welded to the frame and floor pan.

bar7.jpg - 13936 Bytes

bar8.jpg - 19631 Bytes

bar9.jpg - 17242 Bytes

bar10.gif - 192372 Bytes


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