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Rear Suspension

A few rear suspension questions.. A Body

I want to get new hangers from and rear, I'll be going all poly bushings and probably stiff leaf springs with a 1" drop from Espo. Do they make the offset hangers to move the springs in 3/4" to fit stock A body-style leaf springs instead of SS springs? I want to move them in to fit larger tires without flares but I'm not sure if they make them. Do the hangers shown above work to move them in?

-------------------- Ben "Rizen" Bulthuis

When you buy the relo kit from MP, you get offset shackles, and an offset spring hanger for the front. The ones pictured will not work. You will also need to buy MOROSO perches, thats it.

-------------------- RoadraceDartGT


Anyone have any recommendations for rear springs?

I will have .990 bars, 1 1/8" front sway, 3/4" rear bar, poly bushings, the rest of the stuff is in my sig.

I was thinking Espo 6 leafs with a 1" drop, maybe asking if they could make them a bit extra stiff.

Ben "Rizen" Bulthuis

1973 Plymouth Duster, 0.030 over 318, Edelbrock Performer Plus cam, LD4B manifold, Eddy 600cfm carb, TTI Ceramic Coated Headers, Dr Gas 2.5" X Pipe, TTI 2.5" Tailpipes, MSD Blaster2 coil, "Orange" ECU, 8 3/4 SureGrip with 3.55s, Magnum Force a-arms, .990 torsion bars, 1 1/8th" front sway bar, adjustable strut rods, Energy Suspension poly-kit, KYB shocks, Dual 11" SPAL fans
Coming soon: Rear Sway Bar, New Tires, Corbeaus


The ESPO springs out of the box are very good. I doubt they actually make anything there, so custom stuff would be unlikely. The factory rate is 130in/lbs. I wouldn't worry about it. One ride in my car and you'd all be believers, nothing too fancy, just right.


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