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How to fit BIG tires on a Cuda

Here's what I did to put some 26 X 12.50 -15 Mickey Thompson Sportsman Pro's on my Cuda.
These tires are a little shorter than 295/50-15's
They're 12.5 with a 10" wide tread width.
They fit under the car neatly.
It does not rub but with these tires you know I'm not running a road rallye.
I have just over 7/16" of an inch at the tightest point between spring and tire.
Here is the list of parts I used to make it work:

-MP offset Ebody rear Shackles
-A body offset front spring hangers
-Morroso spring perches
-Stock E body springs leaf springs
-Wheel Vintiques 15X10" rallye wheels with 6' BS
-26X 12.50-15" Mickey Thompson Sportsman Pro's

Drew I guess I left that off that I relocated the spring pads/springs in .80 of an inch. Sorry if I confused anyone.
The most common way to do the swap was to use the MP SS leaf springs. With the SS springs being shorter on the leading edge you need the special E body offset SS spring hanger and it is longer to compensate for the difference in spring length. The SS springs gave the car a different stance than I wanted (sets the car up higher than I wanted). The MP offset A body hangers however will put the front of the spring where you want it. If you attempt to use the stock E body front hanger with this set up it will twist the springs (I have seen it done)

Or...use a b-body rear end (i.e. no welding required) and the ONE INCH re-location kit from Dr. Diff:


This will allow a 10" wheel w/5" backspacing.


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