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Measuring Driveshaft

Now that i have the Dana 60 for the R/T, I need to check the driveshaft to see if that was swapped out, too. I'm sure I won't be able to read the part # on it so I will have to measure it. I know it should be 44.60" long. The question is where do you take the proper measurement? Is it from the end of the yokes?


Center to center of the yokes.

But you can check the total length of the shaft by mesuring the in car deminsion and use it for the shaft.

Measure from the end of the tail shaft(not the end of the seal) to the center of the pinion yoke and use that deminsion to make sure you have the right length shaft.

Then in the tech area you can find the amount the trans yoke should stick out of the tranny and subtract that from the total length and that is the needed length of the shaft.


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