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auto-darkening welding helmet reference

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auto-darkening welding helmet reference

The subject of auto-darkening helmets comes up every few weeks, so I thought I would post the following link. I found this page while researching features and prices for a welding helmet. It answered every question that I had and that I've seen posted on Moparts. http://www.asashop.org/autoinc/jan2002/collision.cfm

A lot of people have questions and/or speculate about long-term affects of the split-second flash when the helmet changes from clear to dark. All of that is explained on this page. Basically, if you get a quality helmet with the correct ANSI rating, it will protect you against UV and IR damage even in light state. And if you get a helmet with a fast switching rate, better than one millisecond (1/10000), it will prevent the "flashbulb" effect. The page also covers some of the high-end features and the advantages of each. Good stuff!


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