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2 bbl Holley on a /6 P/N?

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Author Topic: 2 barrel Holly on a /6 P/N?
New Member
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From: Wa. USA
Registered: Dec 2001
posted 05-06-2002 09:57 PM
I have a 65 Dodge Dart and I want to know if there is a 2 barrel Holly Carburetor, that will bolt up to a 225 engine. If so can you give me a part number.
Moparts Member
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From: Killeen, Texas, by God!
Registered: Aug 2000
posted 05-06-2002 10:02 PM
No part number but you will need the intake of a late 70's and newer "Super Six" 225 and use a pre leanburn 318 2bbl carb on the manifold. If you have an automatic make sure you grab all the kickdown linkage stuff from the manifold donor.


Moparts Member
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From: Folsom, CA USA
Registered: Nov 1999
posted 05-07-2002 11:18 AM
The factory super six set up used a the same (probably differnt jetting) Carter 2 bbl carb that came on the 318. I have one off a 75 Dodge Van if you need one. It will probably need to be rebuilt as it has been sitting a little while.

Moparts Member
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From: CT Posts: 45,909
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posted 05-07-2002 02:04 PM
You can find the 2bbl intake on aspen/volare's and 80's pickup trucks with the 225.


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