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Coronet500 submitted this 360 motor combo for the tech area, He calls it:Building a budget torque monster 360
Building a budget torque monster 360

This combo really pulls my truck along:

Any 360, do a Vacuum test if yr buyin it from someone, quicker than a CR test, if it pulls a steady needle at decent vacuum, then
proceed to a CR test if you like, the true tale will be apparent when the haeds come off for this build anyways. I'll go top to
bottom: select an open element air cleaner, or set up a ram air hose, and cut out the silencer in the cleaner, carb selection
should be anywhere from 650-750 cfm and no Double pumpers. My choice was a HOLLEY 3310-1 vac.sec, A good dual
plane such as the LD4B or any intake that starts from off idle, avoid any single planes cuz wer'e GOIN FOR THE GRUNT!
My choice was the LD340 intake. Now get a set of 302 casting heads (85-91 roller cam 318) Thes are a 62.6 cc heart shaped
chmber that promotes swirl, along with the 'twisted' intake ports. You can leave them as is if they are in good shape, or a good
three angle and back cut on the stock valves, and bowl cleanup and polish the exhaust side, and combustion chmbers. The
stock valves are small 1.78 intake 1.50 exhaust, you can leave them as is if yr just doin low RPM grunt work, or install
1.88/1.60 units for more breathing. If you use a bigger runner intake intended for the 340/360 you will want to open and blend
the intake ports to match, just blend them into the port about 1/4 inch or so for a smooth transition. Now use MP cam
P4452757 it is rated for mild competition, and high performance RV, specs are: .410/.425 lift 248-256 duration 110 LSA 32
dgrees overlap (1000 to 5000 rpm) install it 'straight up' with a good brand name timing set (preferably true roller) as LA
motors seem to love to chew up chains fast! As for a truck application, you can use the light spring from the recurve kit and the
existing spring, and try it with or w/o vac advance (see which one you prefer) In lighter vehicles bigger numerically geared
vehicles, you may want to use both light springs and disconnect the vac. advance. as for exhaust the cam is a dual pattern so the
stock manifolds and a dual exhaust with 2.25 pipe will do just fine, however 1 5/8 equal length headers are the optimum. You
can use the 10 3/4 factory convertor for a little more grunt on if yr towing or just want a little more bang on take off.


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