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Is T/A leaf spring ??

Is T/A leaf spring the same as other 70 Challengers?

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From: Shelby, Ohio, U.S.
Registered: May 2002
posted 07-02-2002 10:39 PM

I'm restoring a 70 Challenger T/A and was wondering if the leaf springs are just run-of-the-mill or are they special. T/A's have a different stance, but I don't know if this is from the larger rear tires only or if the leaf springs contribute.

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From: ohio
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posted 07-02-2002 10:43 PM

same, hemi suspension

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From: Copenhagen Denmark
Registered: Mar 2001
posted 07-03-2002 04:27 AM

I am not so sure they are the same, I think the T/A springs are the same right and left while the hemi springs has an additional leaf in one side to control torque steer or some thing like that.


Challenger T/A
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From: Springfield, VA
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posted 07-03-2002 08:44 AM

The Challenger T/A and AAR Cuda had unique symmetrical leaf springs with increased camber which provided additional clearance for the side exit exhaust and the larger rear tires. It also provided what Dodge advertised as a "Daytona Rake" for increased down-force on the front end for extra stability. I am sure I could dig up the P/N if you are interested.

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