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RB w/Headers and Fast Ratio SOLVED!

For all who were interested in running fast ratio steering with headers and a big block, here is the answer. You can reference the 11/02 issue of Mopar Muscle for yourself if you aren't up to believing me today. One of the feature cars is a 70 Cuda with a 440 and fast ratio steering. The article goes on to say that the owner installed Hooker headers and an idler arm off a Chrysler Imperial. However, for some reason the header size is mis-printed saying they are 1.5 inch tubes instead of 1 7/8". The car is using a pair of ceramic coated 5903s, which is even more apparent when you look at the exhaust article featuring these boys later in the mag. The tube routing is EXACT and the 5903s are specified for big block E-bodies. They are not cheap though, at 359.95 a pair. I am going to have to put this upgrade off until later in the season. I was slated to replace my ancient BlackJacks with a pair of Cyclones, but now this will be an extra $100 plus the fast ratio parts. On the other hand, I will get to try the car with the stock steering so I have a basis for compairison, and the Hookers are 1 7/8" as opposed to the 1 3/4" Cyclones/BlackJacks. A little more for a little more, as they say.

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