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Grant 860 Mod w/Chrysler Horn Cap Pic's

The Chrysler horn switch won't fit on the Grant wheel(w/Grant mount kit)so I took the piece that holds the horn cap off of the Chrysler horn switch, and mounted it on the Grant horn switch, hope your layout skills are better than mine:

grant1.JPG - 78464 Bytes

mounted on the wheel:
grant2.JPG - 80437 Bytes

here's the 2 inch spacer:
grant3.JPG - 76072 Bytes

the spacer and installation kit mounted to column:
grant4.JPG - 118130 Bytes

grant5.JPG - 124150 Bytes

The only problem I had was that the supplied spring for the horn button is too short, I used RTV to stick the spring inside the horn cap, use a small block of wood or something as a shim, problem solved.

Part Numbers:

860-silver spokes
870-black spokes

Installation Kits:
69 and earlier A & B body #4313
70 and up A & B body #3314

2 Inch Spacer: #4000

The installation kit mounts to the steering shaft,
the 2 inch spacer mounts to the installation kit,
the steering wheel mounts to the 2 inch spacer.


If you have an E body cuda, you would drill the Grant wheel to mount to the can, if it's an A body, check with member COLORMECLONE, he's installed one without the spacer on an A body, think he needed to modify the turn signal arm.

E Body - You'll need a 6/32" tap for the holes to mount the horn hardware...

Yeah! mid '70's A-bod guys,you can get by without the spacer,just using the Grant #3314 installation kit...you just have to remove the turn signal arm and flatten the angle (CAREFULLY between two pieces of wood in a vice)

My turn signal arm NOW has the same clearance as the column mounted shifter,and to see it,you would never know its been altered.


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