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Yeah, the input shaft from the steering column is leaking and I need a fix for it.

Called NAPA and they can get a reseal kit for the entire gearbox for $54.99. I thought this was a bit high for a reseal kit.

Anyone have a better source for a reseal kit for a steering gearbox for my 71 Barracuda. I'd like to have the box built by Steer -n-Gear etc, but just don't have the cabbage right now. This box is bleeding pretty good and needs to fix it while the motor is out of the car. Also, any tips on rebuilding/resealing this puppy would help...

Any info would help out. Thanks!

O'Reilly's or Autozone have rebuilt power steering boxes with a lifetime warranty for around $100.That's the best way to go IMO

If that seal is the same one that was leaking on my original p/s box, the replacement cost me about $7. Of course that was about three years ago, but I can't imagine inflation raising the price that much. I got mine at O'Reilly. It's easy to replace once you get the steering coupler out of the way.

Steering gear input shaft seal kit: Edelmann # 8553 or Gates # 350620 $5. & $6.



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