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I've been tracking down seals for a '69 Road Runner manual steering box with only modest success. I understand the input shaft seal is a National 7214 or CR 7412.

I haven't found the seal for the small sector shaft manual box. Anyone know the number?

OK - here we go, in no particular order.

Sector Ball Bearings: 2072060

Sector Torringtons: 2948801

Wormshaft seal (small): 4031884

Sector shaft seal (large): Chicago Rawhide 11067

Cover gasket: 2127108

All of the above are ChryCo numbers except for the CR large seal number. Any NAPA store or store that carries National or CR can get you the large seal.

Hope this helps !!!

Author Topic: Rebuilding manual steering part numbers - good for tech!
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posted 06-13-2001 01:52 PM
A lot of people have been asking about manual steering part numbers lately. I did two of these boxes last year, and saved all the part numbers. The best guide to rebuilding it is the factory manual from any year. Also, Mopar action 1/99 has a rebuild article as well. Get a machine shop to press in/out the sector shaft needle roller bearings.
All of these can be gotten at a bearing store:
Sector shaft needle roller bearings: Torrington B 1812
Sector shaft seal: Chicago Rawhide 11067
Worm shaft seal: BCA/National 7214

You need to get these from a Mopar dealer: (they were still available in 6/2000)
Worm shaft thrust bearings (2 req.): 2072060
Steering box cover gasket: 2127108


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