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Pitman Arm Questions


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From: Milwaukee,WI
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posted 05-21-2002 02:38 PM
Will a pit man arm from a pwr steering box fit a manual box?
also... a while back there was a posting about the use of a C-body pitman arm an an A-Body to make it act like a faster ratio box. Does anybody remember this and have any more information. I would like to know what year pitman arm will fit my 74 car and my 69 car (darts). Thanks

New Member
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From: Orem UT
Registered: Apr 2002
posted 05-21-2002 05:36 PM

I can't remmebr about the power vs manual pitman arm interchange.
I do recall that the C body pitman arm looks pretty close to the A body one, but it is indexed completely wrong. You'd need to machine one of the groves in the pitman arm out in order for it to (maybe) fit. Also, unless you're changing to an equally long idler arm, your steering will be faster in one direction that in the other; not a good idea.

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From: Trenton, NJ
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posted 05-21-2002 06:44 PM

The C-body pitman arm won't fit the 69 box, the box splines are too small. It'll "fit" the 74 box, but won't be clocked quite right. Then there's the small problem of the center link end of the C-body pitman being too big for the A-body center link. The C-body pitman is REALLY close to the same as the A-body piece, but it WILL need some "massaging" to fit (Ask me how I know!). Then you need a C-body idler arm too (it's a bolt-on), & it may need some minor "massaging" also to match the angle of the pitman.
Check with Firm Feel Inc, I believe they are making the longer pitman arms with the smaller end & clocked for the A-B-bodies. You'll STILL need the idler arm to match PLUS on the 69 Dart, you'll need to go to the 73-76 A-body center link (the pitman & idler bolt to the center link from below vs. from above).

Do either car have headers? If so, forget about this mod, there's not enough room (I built my own for this very reason!). Even with stock manifolds, head pipes WILL be a challange on the driver's side, having to clear the starter, torsion bar, & now you go & move the center link back 2"!!! Get's REAL tight!

The results, however, are great!!!! I never have to turn my sterign wheel more than about 5/8 of a turn. If I DO, I'm either turning into a tight space, or chasing the rear around a corner!


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69 B-Body Pitman Arm.

Moparts Member
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From: Frazier Park, CA. USA
Registered: Dec 1999
posted 05-26-2002 12:53 PM

Mine looks shot. Is there someone out there making repros or rebuilding OEM'S. Thanks Guys.

Moparts Member
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From: Eagle Creek, OR U.S.A.
Registered: Nov 1999
posted 05-26-2002 12:55 PM

Either Rare Parts Co. in California, or Firm Feel Inc. in Vancouver Washington. They are very spendy though. Dennis

Moparts Member
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From: Iowa USA
Registered: Feb 2002
posted 05-26-2002 01:10 PM

I think Just Suspension has them.

Moparts Member
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From: San Jose CA
Registered: Jun 2001
posted 05-26-2002 01:20 PM

If you can wait a week http://www.p-s-t.com/ has them the cheapest at $100 and they don't charge shipping. When I was looking for one I called Rare parts because they are closer but they are more expensive and charge shipping.

Moparts Member
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From: Sicamous, B.C., CANADA
Registered: Sep 2001
posted 05-27-2002 03:44 AM

Is there a difference between these, and one that may be available from MOOG? I got a replacement pitman arm for the wife's Barracuda from MOOG for $55CDN.

Moparts Member
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From: Plainfield,Il,USA
Registered: Nov 1999
posted 05-27-2002 06:56 AM

no moog#,they did not make it, here are some
#s, 18595 trw, mopar hard parts line#FA408,
2835 746,1858 017,3004 811.

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pitman arm for 74 Abody manual steering

New Member
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From: Lakewood, Colorado, U.S.A.
Registered: Oct 2002
posted 01-19-2003 09:23 PM

I am trying to find a pitman arm that will fit on a 67 dart manual steering box and. The rest of the front suspension is out of a 74 vailiant, including the crosslink. I believe a pitman arm from a 73-76 manual box will work. Does anyone know where I can purchase one?


Richard Brownell
Moparts Member
Posts: 2889
From: Grand Prairie Texas USA
Registered: May 2000
posted 01-19-2003 09:26 PM

There is not one. The new boxs have a larger sector shaft. You either have to trade for a 74 box or do what I did and have a good welder cut and flip the drag link end of the pitman arm you have from the early box.



T/A Steering idler arm ?

R/T 6 Pack Shaker
New Member
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From: Soldotna. Alaska USA
Registered: Jun 2002
posted 01-16-2003 11:55 PM

I am getting ready to install a T/A power steering box and pitman arm on my 70 Challenger, my question is, the idler arm, is it longer than one for a PS non fast ratio box?


New Member
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From: glendale, AZ
Registered: Dec 2002
posted 01-17-2003 12:03 AM

the t/a box and pitman arm (with stock idler arm) will give you unequal tire travel. One tire will turn more than the other. there is a bandaid. the idler arm is easily replaceable with one from a 1970's "c" body(i think). someone will have to back me up on this as i dont have any of my books here


Moparts Member
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From: abilene, TX, USA
Registered: Nov 1999
posted 01-17-2003 12:16 AM

I think you are correct. I have run my AAR with fast ratio steering and the short factory e body arm and have never seen any problem in handling. My bud( the one with the vibrating 340) put fast ratio and the long idle arm on his and it rubs the headers where the short one did not.


New Member
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From: Upstate NY USA
Registered: May 2002
posted 01-19-2003 07:23 PM

AAR's & T/A's with the fast ratio pwr steering had incorrect steering geometry from the factory at no extra charge. This was due to the fact that the engineers did not have enough time during prouction to re-spec the Fury idler arm for the "fast ratio" pwr steering set up. Do not think for one minute having the wrong geometry is a good idea in the real world. The fast ration pwr steering box itself is a modified C body unit and the faster ratio acually comes from the long pitman arm.



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