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BB Power Steering Hose Avalibility?

70 R/T
Moparts Member
Posts: 160
From: Pomaria, SC, USA
Registered: Jun 2000
posted 05-21-2002 03:03 PM

Anybody have a source for stock appearing '70 power steering hoses? Not looking for NOS just a decent copy, if they're available.

Moparts Member
Posts: 588
From: Alachua, FL, USA
Registered: Nov 2000
posted 05-21-2002 03:36 PM

I just got mine from SanteFe Auto Parts down the street. Discount AP had them as well. They should be available through any major parts house. They don't have the 90 degree bend on the chunk end, but they seem to be nice quality. Mine was going on 36 years old. Hope this in one lasts 1/2 as long

GY3 'Cuda
Moparts Member
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From: Dorothyville, Kansas. Follow the yellow brick road until you hit Wizard St....
Registered: Dec 1999
posted 05-21-2002 03:41 PM

O'Reilly's has them.
Not a perfect repro of my '71 'Cuda's, but close enough!

New Member
Posts: 34
From: Vacaville CA USA
Registered: Feb 2002
posted 05-21-2002 08:00 PM

Try NAPA. They will reproduce one for you with the correct hardware, bends and all. They have the part numbers listed in there data base as well. Hope this helps.

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