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Anyone know whether a 69 B Body factory style sway bar will fir a 70 A body? I have a 340 Swinger that I'd like to use that 1 1/8 " Addco B body bar they advertize for factory style installation, sway bar end link points, etc. Want to keep the small bolt 14" rallys for now and stock LCA's with the facory sway bar tabs...or will the later 73 LCA's with the inboard tabs work with the small bolt spindles and such?

I've had that factory 67-72 A body front sway bar right next to the factory 66-69 B body one. They are about 3/8 to 1/2" difference. That was 8 years ago and I can't remember if I mocked it up or what.

If you have a 1 1/8 bar B-body laying around mock it up.

With poly bushings this difference has a good chance at being a problem. This is about the same difference as the 70-74 E-body and the 73-76 A-body front sway bars. I DID mock up that one with poly links. Really no go. Bushings were over stessed and binding. Bends were different too and required special K frame to sway bar spacing (still that was iffy too).

The 73-up a-body sway bars are shorter, narrower, and do go through the k-member so there is no clearance problem with the calipers.


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