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Front Suspension

lower your 71-93 D-150

I have been doing some reasearch. If you are only looking to drop your truck 2" to 2.5" up front, I have found an easy, and safe way to do it.

Since no one makes a front drop spring kit for these trucks, I hunted down some spring info.

I plan to call Springs-n-Things on Monday to get there price on drop springs.

The 71-93 use MOOG 7172
The 94-99 Use MOOG 7390

Dimensionally, and phisically these spings will fit into the 71-93 truck. The 94-99 spring is a variable rate as well, giving a smoother ride. Now in stock form the 94-99 springs will raise the front of your 71-93 by about 3/8"

But since drop springs are readily available for the full size 1/2 ton 94-99 trucks, in 2" and 3" drops. You can swap these in, and get up to 2.5" of drop, without having to spend on A-arms, or modify Dakota spindles and steering.

Now if you want to go more drop, your on your own.


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