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front end rebuild

I Have a 71 plymouth Duster. It needs the top and bottom ball joints replaced. The guy said its a pressed in assembly and that you would have to buy the bottom control arms. He orders the parts from Moogs, never heard of them. The lower control arms are 129.95each and upper ball joints are 79.95each. Is that out of line? The idler arm and tie rods were still okay and probably still original. Does that seem reasonable? I wonder if I should order a whole frontend rebuild kit? Any extra advice I need to know. Thanks

upper ball joints are screw-in NOT pressed. those prices are way high. uppers are about $25 each around here. $75 or so for the lowers. they aren't part of the lower control arm, they attach to it. they incorporate the steering knuckle and ball joint into one piece.

This is a lower

These are uppers

Yeah, your better off getting a kit from someplace(in the back of the mopar mags, springs & things,just suspension etc). Springs and things will treat you right.

Did the whole front end on my 69 Sat and they didn't miss a thing and the shipping was fast.


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