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Front Suspension

E body front end parts list

From the Q&A board and posted by member beepbeep. THX for the part #'s

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posted 05-13-2002 12:43 AM
Thje last time I ordered these parts, this is the price I paid for them.

I learned after my first rebuild that it is much better to buy the items seperately, I can get the Moog problem solver pieces, the 11/16" tie rods and any poly pieces I need. I know what the quality of pieces I am getting and the price differential is negligable.

Based on a '70 Challenger R/T

K781 [Lower Ball Joint] RH; 1 Required $39.38 each

K783 [Lower Ball Joint] LH; 1 Required $39.38 each

K7262 [Upper Ball Joint] Heavy Duty Suspension; 2 Required $31.96 each
K772 [Upper Ball Joint] Front Suspension; Standard Suspension; 2 Required $22.85 each

K7103 [Upper Control Arm Offset Bushing Kit] Problem Solver Eccentric Bushing Kit; Provides Additional Positive Camber Adjustment; 2 Required $25.38 each

K791 [Lower Control Arm Bushing Kit] 2 Required $10.91 each

11/16" tie rods - '74-'77 "C" Body
ES352R [Outer Tie Rod End] 2 Required $20.50 each

ES355RL [Inner Tie Rod End] 2 Required $20.23 each

ES440S [Adjusting Sleeve] 2 Required $16.52 each
The sleeves you can get from a JY for about $8.00


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