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Ball Joints

Moparts Member
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From: Lodi, CA
Registered: Mar 2001
posted 07-14-2002 04:22 PM

I just realized from the several threads that I may have messed up bigtime. I found a 76 dart at a yard and forgot to check the balljoints by wiggling the tires before I removed the parts.
Is there any way to see if the joints are good before putting them back on the car?

Moparts Member
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From: Variable, USA
Registered: Mar 2002
posted 07-14-2002 04:32 PM

Ball joint: Is it loose? Does it flop around inside the joint? Can you grab the threaded part and move it up and down in the joint? If you answered 'yes' to any of these, change it.

Moparts Member
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From: western n. y.
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posted 07-14-2002 07:59 PM

if your going to go thru all that work,buy new balljoints.you'll regret it later on if you don't.

Mad Mike
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From: Greenville SC
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posted 07-15-2002 02:24 AM

If you can remove the ball from it's socket - it's probably bad. Actually seen that happen twice!

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