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Patch panels

Moparts Member
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From: Central New York
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posted 07-09-2002 04:48 PM

I asked this a while ago but kind of put the project off. Does anyone know where to find the patch panel that goes over the wheel well on the bed? I called JC Whitney and they said they don't have it.

Moparts Member
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From: Southold,NY
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posted 07-09-2002 04:53 PM

Autobody Specialties has them. I just bought one for my truck at Englishtown. It looks pretty accurate too. I haven't installed it yet

New Member
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From: Atlanta, GA
Registered: Nov 2001
posted 07-09-2002 07:33 PM

Try this:

This might be a good place for other body parts:


Hope this helps.

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