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Here are six pictures of original Chrysler Concept Artwork images that someone who worked for Chrysler has in his collection. I have seen about 50 sketches/pictures that he has and have tried to talk him into publishing the artwork... no luck yet, I guess I need to try again! From his description of his collection, it sounds like he has over 200 pieces... many from the '68-'70 timeframe (some of the sketches below are dated October 1969).

Several of the sketches are based on the 'Cuda, while others are less connected to production cars... The last image is of a photo of a full size clay mock-up of a A-Body.

Mopar Muscle April 1997. Interview of Schimmel. Says he has showed his car drawings at San Antonio area art galleries and car shows to appreciative crowds.

ConceptCarArt_Pic001a.jpg - 35297 Bytes

ConceptCarArt_Pic002a.jpg - 30247 Bytes

ConceptCarArt_Pic003a.jpg - 34564 Bytes

ConceptCarArt_Pic004a.jpg - 34697 Bytes

ConceptCarArt_Pic005a.jpg - 46511 Bytes

ConceptCarMockUp_Pic006a.jpg - 52973 Bytes

duster1.jpg - 39124 Bytes

Tilt04.jpg - 11981 Bytes

Tilt13.jpg - 9659 Bytes

Tilt12.jpg - 10409 Bytes

Tilt11.jpg - 15147 Bytes

Tilt10.jpg - 13127 Bytes

Tilt08.jpg - 12405 Bytes

Tilt06.jpg - 11606 Bytes

Tilt05.jpg - 10971 Bytes

Tilt07.jpg - 8872 Bytes

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