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MOPAR Restoration Parts Program

Updated 11/2005


I work for Trademarketing Resources, Inc., the licensing agency for the MOPAR Division of DaimlerChrysler and was forwarded your email message below. We became the MOPAR licensing agency in early 2003, and have been working diligently and compassionately to track down all of the businesses that had been MOPAR licensees, renew licenses of existing manufacturers, and most importantly find businesses willing to manufacture these ďhard to findĒ restoration parts to renew the restoration parts program!

Iíve attached a spreadsheet with a listing of businesses licensed to manufacture MOPAR Restoration Parts with contact information, product description, and website info. If you are in need of any parts, please feel free to contact these businesses even if you donít see the exact part listed. The more they hear from consumers, the more they will see the need to produce these hard to find restoration parts!

Also, this is a dynamic list. As I type, we have several businesses in the process of becoming licensed for MOPAR restoration parts. This process takes several weeks and can take a few months, so please feel free to contact me in the coming calendar quarters for an update of this list.

Best regards,
Cindy Julian
Trademarketing Resources, Inc.
7111 Dixie Highway, No. 292
Clarkston, MI 48346
PH: 248-922-9678
FAX: 248-922-4580

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