68 Chrysler 300

I bought this car from Randy in Maine, He took the time to make this car very nice with what it had. As in original paint and drive train. He moved on to other projects and I got my self a real nice C body boat to drive.

Your basic standard 440, auto, no AC car. About the only extra is the power seat. This car had under 50,000 miles on it when I bought it and it drives perfect. As smooth and nice as any large car could ever be. I like driving this car and haven't made up my mind on any future changes yet.

Few things that I have changed are the fuel system and ignition. I added a 3/8 fuel line and HV fuel pump along with a electronic ignition system. Now foot to the floor the 440 pulls all the way through the gears to 100 and beyond. Fun car to drive.

Some Pictures Taken Just Before I bought the 300

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