70 Challenger R/T

My First car, bought on Sept 1st 1975 for $1000. This car has been through a lot over the years. It was first my daily driver all my senior year in high school, then completely fixed and repainted in 1980.

The car then became a race car in 82. Along the way the rear floor got cut out and sub frame and roll bar installed . A 440 was installed and I had many years racing it at CT Raceway, Englishtown , New England and Lebanon Valley. Best of 10.54 playing with nitrous, but would run low 11's normally. My interests and money then turned elsewhere and the car put in storage.

In 2009 time came to put the car back on the Street

First step was new power under the hood, As in a real blower motor. Moving the blower off of the 71 Challenger Conv. and putting it on the R/T Hardtop

The motor is a 440, with a 440Source stroker kit and blower pistons. Rollor cam with with gear drive. Ported Mopar Aluminum Heads and 2 inch tube headers. Dynoed with the blower, 770hp at 6000rpm on 93 octane.

To put this car back on the street required removing most of the racing stuff, rewiring the whole car and going through the whole drive train. The automatic was staying, 8 3/4 was staying, Rear spring suspension staying. New dash and complete interior going in.

Custom dash from XV Motorsports loaded with gauges, orange carpet and real seats. Had to remove part of the roll bar to fit the seats, but the main hoop and rear struts remain.

Blower motor was installed, complete exhaust and everything was sorted out. My 70 Challenger R/T was back on the road again

But less than 500 miles and a broken rocker arm, one dropped bent valve and one small cylinder wall scuff, the motor is out and apart and I am rethinking the drive train.

I found that all the power was fun while it lasted, it would smoke the tires all day long, put you back in the seat nice and was just a real beast.

But in reality I spent most of the time cruising at very light throttle, had very little chance of opening it up, was getting less than 6 mpg and could no longer hear the blower wine over the exhaust.

So phase three is about to begin for 2011

Pictures of the change over to a street car again

In race car trim, when I first moved it out of storage

Assorted Old Pictures

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