1970 Challenger RT , 383 4speed

Friends of mine car from Warwick RI, He wanted to get rid of it
$500 later it was mine. Within a day of driving it home, had stuck the 4 speed shifter in 2nd and had a rod knock

Swapped a lot of parts around using ones from my other challenger and got it back running, Had a little fun but then sold the car to another friend. NEVER sell a car to a friend. This car would come back to haunt me over many years. With it changing ownership 5 more times with me owning it again at one point. The Car has never again been as nice as these pictures. Has now rusted and been parted out.

Local Junk Yard got it in, called me to see if I was interested,
$300 later was mine. Sat for about a year next to my garage,
finally sold it for $500

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