Moparts web board active since 1996 has over 22,000 active members.
With over 160,000 topics and close to 2,000,000 posts.
The front main index alone averages over 170,000 Unique visits a month.

The banner Ads on moparts randomly rotates at the top and bottom of ALL the forum pages, and includes a rotation on the front index page along with a permanent text listing on the front pages /

The board averages millions of page views a month, with each banner in rotation getting over 20,000 views per day, counting the front page, top, bottom of the forum pages and the sponsor page.

The banner can either be a jpg or an animated gif linked back to your web site.
The banner needs to be a maximum size of 240 pix wide by 150 pix high.

To Advertise your business on moparts with a banner ads is $600 for a full year.

Payment can be by either Papal or check.

Any question, please email me

Thanks for your interest in advertising on moparts.

Tom Frysinger
84 Hamilton Ave
Norwich CT 06360

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