Moparts Car Show Entry 2001

email =
User_Name = CrAlt
Where = Milford, CT
Year = 1972
Make_Model = Plymouth Valiant Scamp
Description = Here is my Prized Type R Scamp. This car became very well known when i lived in NewHampshire. Was my 20MPG daily driver.

Saved it from a local junkyard there. All i had to do was put a battery in it and brakes. Other then some bondo in the back its strait.

Motor is a leaning tower of power. 225, 904 and a 7.25 rear that makes really funky sounds sometimes. I thought she had 140K on it but after talking to the 2nd owner (im 4th or 5th) it turns out it really has 240K...or more. Paint job gave me 60HP at least...

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