Moparts Car Show Entry 2001

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User_Name = John426_66
Where = New Jersey
Year = 1966
Make_Model = Dodge Charger
Description = This 66 Hemi Charger was found in a field and the original matching numbers motor was tracked down in another car. It has been a 12 year long "work in progress" but now runs, is looking good and all the details are coming together.

Built with Powersteering, a 4-speed, 3:54 Dana and the fancy 4-bucket seat Charger interior, its a nice looking and fast moving car. A little more "Go" from porting the heads and a little more "Whoa" by adding disk brakes.

This is its third re-paint (finally happy with it!) and now am always searching for NOS chrome and trim. Just got the dash lights working and they look really cool. The Chargers used eltrectroluminescent lighting back in 66 & 67, just like the modern day cars. They glow at night.

I added the fiberglass pin-on hood to mimic a SuperStock 66 Hemi Charger owned by a late friend of mine. He ordered his 66 with the "SuperStock" option. Everyone will claim they never made any, but I've seen the original paperwork from the dealer and my friend's wife still owns the car!!

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