Moparts Car Show Entry 2001

email =
User_Name = MIRADAMANia
Where = Westphalia, Michigan
Year = 1980
Make_Model = Dodge Mirada
Description = I am the original owner of this 1980 Mirada. In 2000 I treated the 72k mile 318 to a complete overhaul. While I was at it I also installed a hotter cam, aluminum manifold, Carter 4-bbl carb, double roller timing chain, ceramic coated headers w/ dual exhaust and a MP orange box. A new 2-stage paint job came shortly after. Last winter I pulled the original 2.24 open rear end and replaced it with 3.21 gears w/Trac-Loc differential. The interior is original with the exception of a Grant steering wheel and tach and oil pressure gauge. While it came from the factory with great looks, the performance left something to be desired. Now it has the performance to match the looks.

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