Moparts Car Show Entry 2001

email =
User_Name = Seigworth
Where = Salem
Year = 74
Make_Model = Challenger Rallye 360
Description = Here's a pic of my '74 Challenger Rallye 360 that I've owned since '85. I'm the third owner of it in its' 35,000 miles. It is a factory TX9 car with a black interior, black vinyl top and black strobe stripes. I added the white hood stripe in '96 to break up all the black. I've run it at the Factory Stock race in Salem the past 2 years, having my best run of 15.01. Three of my four kids got to come home from the hospital in it. The second pic of it is when I had the rims off of my brothers' '73 340 4spd Cuda on it.

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