Moparts Car Show Entry 2001

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User_Name = TaLcwa
Where = Albuq., N.M.
Year = 1971
Make_Model = Dodge Charger R/T
Description = 1971 Dodge Charger R/T: Purchased in pieces in January of 1999 and restored to near original (I added a few things that I like) over the last 2 1/2 years. The engine is the original 440 w/4bbl, rebuilt @.030 and a slightly hotter cam but the original block, heads, steel crank, 6-pak pistons and rods. The car came with an interesting collection of options in addition to the stock items on a 71 R/T: Power Steering, Power disc brakes, front sway bar, Air, Automatic, floor mounted cassette player, Tinted glass, Rear window defroster, Trunk mounted luggage rack, factory undercoating, dual speakers, Fender mtg. turn signals. I added the hideaway headlights, console and 15" ralley wheels. It's beeen repainted the original W3 white w/ the original stripping scheme. Everything that was chrome was rechromed, the interior was completly redone in the original style pattern except I went with cloth instead of the vinyl. Everything was taken down to bare metal before painting (even the trunk). All the nuts, bolts, etc that I took off were cleaned, polished and either clear coated or painted. The entire suspension was replaced. New 15" BFG Radials were the tires of choice on original style Ralley Wheels. The entire exhaust system was replace with 2 1/2" steel tubing and Flow Master Mufflers. All the electrical wiring was replaced as it was missing when I got the car. The entire Air Conditioning System was replaced because it had been cut out and thrown away. I'm still working on those "little things" that always seem to crop up but I can at least drive it now and that's a lot of fun.

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