Moparts Car Show Entry 2001

email =
User_Name = wanna72rr
Where = Racine, Wisconsin
Year = 1972
Make_Model = Road Runner
Description = Here's my 1972 Road Runner that I just bought this last spring. Original Air Grabber, Tor-Red, canopy vinyl, 400 column auto, now a 1970 383 column auto. It's got almost every option I was looking for except a 4-speed. Love that 72' Grille! Here's a run down of my options.
A01 Light Group
A87 Road Runner Decore Group (included at N/C)
C2X9 Deluxe Vinyl Bench - Black
M21 Drip Rail Mouldings
M31 Belt Mouldings
M26 Wheel Lip Mouldings
S86 Deluxe Steering Wheel w/ Road Runner Cap
D34 Torqueflite Automatic 3 - Speed Transmission
V4X Canopy Vinyl Top - Black
V8X C- Pillar Strobe Stripes - Road Runner
G35 Chrome Remote Racing Mirror - Left
J45 Hood Pins
J52 Inside Hood Release
J55 Undercoating
N23 Electronic Ignition
N85 Tachometer
N96 Air Grabber
R11 AM-Radio
S77 Power Steering
EV2 High Impact Paint - EV2 - Tor-Red
W21 Rallye Rims 14" F70 x 14 R.W.L.

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