Moparts Car Show Entry 2001

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User_Name = jyrki
Where = Finland
Year = 1966 Make_Model = Dodge Dart
Description = This is a pump gas srteeter that is also race legal. The body is stock except the 3" moved in SS rear springs, minitubs, 12 point gage, aluminum dash and fiberglass front end. The rear is a 8 3/4" with a sure grip 4.10 and some other goodies, stock A-body width. The wheels are Weld Pro Stars that were painted black for a rougher look, 15/10 rear and 15/7 in front. 11" disc brakes in front handle the stopping, the trans is a 727 with a 8" converter and a manual valve body. The engine is a 11:1 CR single dominator pump gas fed stroked big block that made 780.8 hp at 6600 rpm in the dyno through 3" mufflers. Because of converter problems didn't make many good passes at the track this summer but the summers last tune & test session proved that there is some hope. The best official time there was 1.40 60 ft, 9.69/142.5 mph ET; not bad for a leaf springed DOT tired pump gasser without NOS, I guess.

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disliked the GM scoop so I switched it back to six pack.

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