Moparts Car Show Entry 2001

email =
User_Name = prettyslick
Where = Egg Harbor City, NJ
Year = 1965
Make_Model = Dodge Coronet 440
Description = This car was purchased by my Dad in 1983 as an original 318 car, he then went to work and made it into a big block street car transplanting a stock 440 from a 68' Coronet R/T into it. A 727 auto tranny moves the 440 and the car has it's original paint and interior. Since my Dad's passing in 11/99, I have made a few changes to maintain and update the car with help from my Uncle. Those few changes include a Mopar Performance electronic ignition and a new 5 row radiator with a shroud for better cooling. I am planning to do a drum to disc brake conversion this winter, replace the headers and exhaust and in the spring it will receive fresh paint. I also hope to make a few more performance enhancements in the future. As a Mopar Chick, I just want to let you Mopar Guys know, I wrench on this car myself and I love it!

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