Moparts Car Show Entry 2001

email =
User_Name = DodgeDartGuy
Where = Arlington, Wa.
Year = 68,
Make_Model = Dodge Dart GT
Description = I Have included a picture of my car and my dads car. My car is the Convertable GT(my red baby) and it has a 225 Slant 6, with a 2 bbl carb. and some other little gizmos and gadgets. She isnt fast but she looks fast! And my dads car has a 318 slightly modified of course, it has a real fine body, he has had his since 1970 and is completly original(for the most part). Now mine was restored, and has some none original parts on it but no car is perfect. I Hope to keep these cars for a long time especially mine, you dont see a whole lot of Darts like mine convertable. Well Enjoy. Your Fellow MOPAR Fan, Nick

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