Moparts Car Show Entry 2001

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User_Name = Limegreen
Where = Ft. Wayne, IN
Year = 1965
Make_Model = Plymouth Belvedere I
Description = Mopar Fans, this ones for you! This 1965 Belvedere is not for the faint of heart. This car will throw you back in your seat and take your breath away.
This very solid car sports a 426 Hemi with a cross-ram and factory race hemi carbs(just rebuilt and tuned by Ray Barton). The motor is fresh with ported heads, .030 over pistons(11-1)Nascar rods, 8qt oil pan, Hooker 2 1/8 headers, Fresh Hemi 727, MSD 7AL2, 8 W/ 456 gears, Mallory fuel pump, 5 gal. Fuel cell, and New Hoosier quick time pros.
I was told that this car was the product of Mosher Racing at one time. The frame of the car was tied professionally and the underneath of the car is very clean. The car sports A990 seats and is back seat delete.
I am currently building a new motor for the car. It will be a 572" Hemi. This should be done and in the car in late January!

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