Moparts Car Show Entry 2002

realname: John DeKeersgieter
User_Name: GotBeep
Where: Windsor California
Year: 1970
Make_Model: Plymouth Roadrunner
Description: This 1970 Roadrunner is used for street, strip, and show. It's a 383 4-speed car, now powered by a mild '68 440. It's got a 3.55:1 Sure-grip in the 8 3/4" rear. Color is B7 Jamaica Blue Metallic and interior is deluxe black bench.
This is not a trailer queen, it's driven regularly. It's made several trips to L.A. (7 hours each way) and to Reno (4 hours) for car shows, plus it's driven to dozens of local shows and cruises, and occasionally to work.
John races this four-speed car in the Sears Point Summit ET points series. The car is driven to the track, raced, and driven home. Now that's a toy!

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