Moparts Car Show Entry 2002

realname: Dave Carson
User_Name: Kristina_Beep_Beep_Dave
Where: Brantford Ontario
Year: 1969
Make_Model: Dodge Super Bee
Description: Here's Kristina's Six Pack Bee. Presently it features a single four barrel and 1968 Charger seats. It was originally a bucket seat/console car with an auto tranny. Presently it is a "Cars in Barns" car until we can afford to start bringing it back to a more original state.

Kristina_Beep_Beep_Dave1.jpg - 31156 Bytes
Kristina_Beep_Beep_Dave2.jpg - 34061 Bytes
Kristina_Beep_Beep_Dave3.jpg - 26217 Bytes

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