Moparts Car Show Entry 2002

realname: Dave Riggins
User_Name: valiant_dave
Where: missouri
Year: 1964
Make_Model: plymouth valiant
Description: started as a 325.00 beater mods include 340,727 auto 3500 stall,8 3/4 rearend 3.73 gears,frame connectors,moser axles,espo springs,relocated springs(inboard 3"),73 duster disc brakes(frt) B-body 10x2.5 (bk),and crushed red velour interior, Engine specs:68 340 bored 30 over,kb pistons,j heads(2.02/1.60),mopar performance cam(284/484),comp cams roller rockers,torker 2 intake,750 eldebrock carb,hooker super comp headers, Exhaust:2.5 aluminum pipe run into flowmasters then in to turndowns Paint:Flame Red (pr4) was featured in Mopar Collectors Guide July 2001 and has been a real blast to drive

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