Moparts Car Show Entry 2002

realname: Mark W.
User_Name: Black_Sheep
Where: Shoreview, Minnesota
Year: 1969
Make_Model: Plymouth GTX
Description: Here's the '69 GTX that I've owned since '82. I just got it back on the street this summer after finishing the "resto". It came from the factory with power steering, am/8 track, tach, right side sport mirror and the "AIR GRABBER" hood. The V21 Performance Hood Paint was added when it was repainted in it's original X9 (black) color.
The original 440 is fortified with all sorts of good stuff from MOROSO, TRW, MSD, Hooker, Holley, Edelbrock. Nothing too fancy, just a good combination of parts. Power feeds through a 10" converter, a column shifted 727 and a 4.10 geared 8. Super Stock springs help the 29x 12.50-15 M/T Sportsmans get the power to the ground...
For more information, please visit my website Mark's GTX Project

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