Moparts Car Show Entry 2002

realname: Bill Warfel
User_Name: Doughracer
Where: Car in Sacramento, CA, I'm in Korea
Year: 1970
Make_Model: Dodge Coronet 440
Description: Always had A-bodies, so this is my first B-body. Bought here in Ca., and is rust free. Got to love Ca cars. Since I'v bought the car it's been my daily driver. The 318 has been replaced with a '68 440. The bottom end is mostly stock but I just put some ported big valved 915's on and a performer rpm with a Holley 750. Has a purple shaft 284/284 484/484. Converted to electronic ignition. Has a 8.75 out back filled with a 3.91 suregrip unit. I need more tire now. I havn't gone to the track, so no numbers.

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