Moparts Car Show Entry 2002

realname: Tracey Wietor
User_Name: Tracedog
Where: Northern Illinois
Year: 1968
Description: Originally a 383/4 Speed Car, it now has a 440/Auto motivating it. At the time of the burnout picture, I was running a dual quad tunnel ram setup with two Carter 500CFM Competion Series Carbs, 727 Auto Trans w/ a forward manual valvebody, 4:88 suregrip rear gear in a 8 3/4 housing. The car ran in the low 13 sec. range. The frame has been tied. The car already had cutouts for fenderwell headers, so I decieded to stick with fenderwell headers.

The car is now running a 445 CID RB, M1 intake with a single Holley 900CFM Pro Series Carb. The trans is still a 727 Auto but, now with a reverse manual valve- body. The car now runs in the low, low, 12 sec. / high 11 sec. range. The rear gear is a 4:10 suregrip, modified C-body axles in the stock GTS 8 3/4 housing hung by the stock GTS suspension. I installed disc brakes up front off a 73 Dart and had to use the Magnum Force upper control arms for adjustment reasons. Installed a 8 gal fuel cell with 1/2" braided stainless steel line up to the Carb.

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