Moparts Car Show Entry 2002

realname: Dan Dugan
User_Name: YeloDart72
Where: Pittsburgh Pa
Year: 1972
Make_Model: Dodge Dart Swinger
Description: Car is powered by a 69 318 motor , with a comp cam & lifter package , holley 600cfm 4 barrel carb, Weiand aluminum intake, and an Accel supercoil & 8MM wires,exhaust gasses are passed thru stock manifolds to dual flowmaster mufflers . It rides on 4 original rallye wheels and P215 70R -14 BFG radial T/As. It is a factory A/C car and still has the original radio in the dash. It also has a custom autosound "hidden " stereo system in the trunk. The car is "Sunfire yellow " which is not an original 72 color it also is equipped with OEM hood pins, installed by me which I think were only available on the 340 Demon in 72 . It has a tan interior and black vinyl top. It currently shows 45K miles but Im not sure if thats correct. It is not what you would call a "correct" car but it runs strong and looks good and its my baby.

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