Moparts Car Show Entry 2002

realname: vinny
User_Name: killercuda_
Where: nowhereville oklahoma
Year: 1987
Make_Model: dodge t/a truck
Description: this is a pic of my idea of what a 87 t/a truck would look like,its running a 70 model 340 six-pack,727 tci auto,3:55 sure grip rear,10" viper look alike wheels, four wheel disks,she's lowered ,smoother bed stake holes,taillights, antenna,has a frenched in one now on the side of the bed,penestar taillights frenched in the roll pan,electric remote doors smoothed door handles,custom metal bed cover with spoiler,and that nasty ram hood emblem is now where it should be !! busting its way through te custom tailgate cover!! frenche in driving lights in the smoothed front bumper... well guess thats about it ..o' the tag reads RAMRODR...LOL...LATER GUYS !!

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