Moparts Car Show Entry 2002

realname: Muray Lewis
User_Name: 1967gtx440
Where: Chatham Ontario,Canada
Year: 1967
Make_Model: Plymouth GTX
Description: This is my second GTX,the one picture was taken in 1968 with my first GTX.The car now is a 440 bored .060 over,484-284 cam,M1 highrise,Holly 850,fordged pistons, 727 with shift kit,3:55 with suregrip. Car is complete except for a few trim parts and the interment panel being redone.

1967gtx4401.jpg - 37980 Bytes
1967gtx4402.jpg - 11102 Bytes
1986 GTX - First Car
1967gtx4403.jpg - 10900 Bytes

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