Moparts Car Show Entry 2002

realname: Randall Waring
User_Name: Cometstorm
Where: O'Fallon, Missouri
Year: 1970
Make_Model: Challenger R/T
Description: Although our 1970 Chally is basically stock and numbers matching (as to drivetrain), our main intent was to restore this car as closely as possible to specs of the movie "Vanishing Point.
It's a 383 Magnum, with 750 Holley dual feed carb, Magnaflow mufflers, 3.55 gears, 15" Goodyear tires, Pistol Grip four speed, with a "slightly hotter than stock" Hughes cam. This was installed to give the ride a slight "lobe" effect, without being too radical.
Five Alpine White Challengers were used in the original making of the V.P. movie, of which four were 440's, and one was a 383...
In order to match the movie as closely as possible, we have the Rim Blow steering wheel, front bumper guards, standard AM radio, full-size trunk spare with Rallye Wheel setup (as per the desert tire-changing scene), passenger side mirror delete, flush mounted/body colored fuel cap, and a host of smaller items spec'd to the V.P. movie...
Originally Burnt Orange in color, we had the car stripped to bare metal, conditioned, prepped, and repainted to current Chrysler code PW7 (Bright White). This was in order to reflect the "on screen" appearance of the V.P. car as closely as possible. Alpine White, as the movie Challengers were....are creme colored in actuality.
It was our intent to reflect the "on screen" appearance of the V.P. car(s) as closely as possible... In the past two show seasons, she has "placed" in 21 out of 23 shows... However, we are now intending to change our lifestyles...Less car shows, and more Cruisin' and Funnin! :)

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