Moparts Car Show Entry 2002

realname: Dave Kanofsky
User_Name: Dave_Kanofsky
Where: Palos Hills, IL
Year: 1970
Make_Model: Plymouth SuperBird
Description: All numbers match (except color), 440+6, 4 speed. No rust ever southern CA car now near Chicago. Originally Vit. C Orange, painted Petty Blue by the dealer in '70 after car sat on lot for a year! A ball to drive and show. In the pictures you see it at the Aero-Warriors reunion at Talladega in '99, and at the Monster Mopar Weekend in St. Louis where it was Matt Tolbert's tow-car for the event. Also in front of the Buckingham Fountain in downtown Chicago. My wife and I rode in it from our wedding to our reception. I brought both of my kids home from the hospital when they were born in it. The underside of the trunk lid is signed by Ray Nichels, Ray Evernham, and Sterling Marlin. Check it out more at
I'd trade it for an equal quality Daytona, anyone interested?.

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